Courageous Comments
by George Broderick Jr

Well, we're starting on a brand new story arc... hope you're all still with me and are enjoying the LARGER size strips... now with 100% increased reader visibility..!

Anyway, this story, The Man Of 1000 Punches, is a re-imagineering of one of my very first Courageous Man yarns from Courageous Man Adventures (the comic book) from way back in the primordial bygone days of 1998 -- twelve years ago! In that first issue, I ran an editorial giving a little bit of background to The Masked Man of Mettle and I thought it would be appropriate to rerun it here and now (with slight editorial changes). So, here goes...

Let's talk about Batman for a moment, shall we? No, not that grim, humorless borderline sociopathic yahoo that populates a plethora of monthly books and is a cottage industry unto himself -- nor even the very cool "Dark Knight" of the animated series... and don't even get me started about the faceless arnored guy from some years back who could only be Batman when the humorless guy had his spine broken. i mean "BATMAN"! The Caped Crusader... the Gotham Goliath... the lead half of the Dynamic Duo. Y'know... "DADADADADADADADA... BATMAN!"

He's dead, Jim. Bought the farm, gone to meet the choir eternal, relegated to the mists of history. Ah, but there was a time...

From about 1949 through the early 60's, comics had what the youngsters of today have only heard whispers of... "diversity". There were Western comics, Crime comics, Romance comics, Funny Animal comics, Science Fiction comics and funny "kid" comics. There were Movie Star comics, there were Horror comics and, yes, there were the superheroes -- Superman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman and... Batman!

But, we were just talking about Batman, right? Well, during this time, Batman stories ran the gamut of all the genres I just mentioned. You had Batman in space, Batman out west, Batman falling in love, Bat-Mite, Ace, The Bat Hound, and lots more. In fact, a great percentage of Batman stories during this period (or so it's been argued) were tailor made for almost ANY OTHER character in comics EXCEPT Batman.

Now, I'm not quite old enough to remember most of these yarns firsthand, only having been born in 1957, but during the mid-60's, DC Comics ran a series of 80 PAGE GIANTS that reprinted the "best" of these cross-genre adventures (bless their corporate hearts). In fact, I remember, quite vividly, the early summer of 1967 and one of my first Batman 80 PAGE GIANTS. It featured a story that still ranks as one of my all-time FAVORITE Batman stories -- "Ride, Bat-Hombre, Ride!".

But, those days are gone. Readers of mainstream comics have become too "sophisticated" to have fun. Today's "comics", for the most part, are anything but!

But, HARK! In the horizon... are those trumpets I hear? YES! All is not lost!! There IS a Santa Claus, Virginia, and nature abhors a vacuum!

So, let's talk about Courageous Man, now. He's an upstanding citizen with a keenly developed sense of morality and fair play... and his job description reads "masked crime fighter". He has friends. He has a cool base of operations (or about as cool as a farm silo can get). He has a kid sidekick. He has a butler. And he has an array of bizarre enemies and swarthy adversaries. Courageous Man has it all, man... and TWO bags of chips!

In short, Courageous Man Adventures in my way of reliving my misspent childhood -- through the cockeyed sensibilities of an arrested adolescent. I'm hoping there are enough of you out there that feel the same way. If not, I'll settle for the disenfranchised rabble that are tired of the endless panoply of "HIT, ANGST, SHOOT, ANGST, ANGST, HIT, WHINE, ANGST, ANGST, CLEAVAGE, ANGST, SHOOT" comics glutting the mainstream marketplace. C'mon, I know you're out there! 'Fess up!

Seriously, though, I hope you're enjoying the strip and come back for more... at least until I get to the story arc that is my homage to the aforementioned "Ride, Bat-Hombre, Ride!"... and, hey, leave me a post sharing your thoughts on Courageous man Adventures. Who knows, maybe we'll even talk about Batman...